$7 More Received!

More money keeps pouring into the money experiment.  The latest donations include a $1 donation from:


and a $6 donation from:


Want to be a part of the money experiment?  Donate today and I’ll plug your blog, videos, web site or whatever you like!


3 Responses to “$7 More Received!”

  1. Liam from Fight-Vids Says:

    Dude, this is one of the best ideas Ive ever heard of!!!! 😀

    Maybe when I have a ‘business’ thats also into profit margins, I’ll have some excess to donate 🙂

    Until then I’m gonna keep checking back!

    p.s. Reciprocal linking on the cards? 🙂 Check my blog

  2. Liam from Fight-Vids Says:

    so did this blog die?

  3. Liam from Fight-Vids Says:

    and it was going so well…. you made a fair but of money for doing buggar all! lol

    if this blog comes back to life (im really curious about how much this could make!) then post on the Fight-Vids blog



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