First Donation Received!

Thanks to for sending in the first donation… a whopping $2.00!  Remember, when you donate, you get a plug here!  Thanks, John!


8 Responses to “First Donation Received!”

  1. Bullshit Says:

    C’est dla merde ton affaire!! té trop con lol

  2. Yokshomesh! Says:

    C’mon dude, you don’t need those monies! You are BEAR! 😀

    And I reccomend you to have a template for your blog.
    Do something more than just a video, and you will get my 2cents 🙂

  3. John Says:

    Hey even bears need money! LOL

  4. moneyexperiment Says:


    Ok, what do you recommend? 🙂

  5. Scott Says:

    I donated $2.07 cents, beat that!!

  6. Maxine Says:

    Yeeeee. I donated 50 cents.

  7. moneyexperiment Says:

    Thank you for your donations! I’ve put up your links! Let me know if they look ok or if you want a different plug. 😀

  8. Jestaun Says:

    I would donate if you did it for a worthy cause, such as project RED, breast cancer research, etc. I mean, its kind of pathetic asking people to pay your bills, right?

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